Luxury Hotels


In Sri Lanka, at the time of colonization, luxury boutique hotels could have been invented when planters built bungalows with rooms and a troop of servants to look after their visitors. Today, many of these bungalows have been restored or converted into boutique hotels for a handful of guests looking for exclusive vacations in unusual places, with fine cuisine and special attention.

The boutique hotels of Sri Lanka are found in isolated parts of the island, especially in the interior of the country, where they are luxury paradises in a picturesque setting. There are also boutique hotels in Colombo, some in converted Edwardian buildings, offering the ultimate in sophisticated comfort, gastronomy and glamor. Luxury adept category refers to their grading as three, four or five -star property. The more stars, the brighter the hotels shine, with spectacular sight, superb divine service, opulent adjustment and several dining options. For example, the city’s top two Cinnamon hotel properties feature more than a score of Colombo’s finest restaurants.

Staying in a luxury star grade hotel in Colombo becomes worthwhile because of the convenience of the locating, the attention to detail, and the atonement of being able to enjoy top course of study accommodation at much less than in luxury star class hotels in other countries.

Sri Lanka also has luxury star class hotels in popular beach resorts and other tourist destination.

Every one of them is distinguished by a discernment of what guests want while staying on holiday or business.



Mid-Tier Hotels


Living in today’s noisy world of hotel mergers and acquisitions, it’s hard to keep track of the top hotel brands and their properties. We put together this list so you can comprehensively understand the landscape of the hospitality industry today.

Each hotel and resort offers guests world-class style, unparalleled service, and the exquisite accommodations and signature accouterments that define luxury. Provide a clean and comfortable stay, for less than upscale peers.




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