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Authentic Sri Lankan Cuisine

Sri Lankan cuisine is very distinctive, an exotic mixture of tastes and aromas enhanced by ethnic diversity and centuries of contact with settlers from outside. Sri Lanka's culinary delights are very aromatic and good. The recipes most of the time have some influence from time to time from the settlers and Indian and Arab traders.

Foods in Sri Lanka can be warm or very mild, or as a matter of individual choice can be a mixture. With their history, Sri Lankan food is special. Many food items from Sinhala are derived from cultivation of Chena. From the most auspicious Sinhala / Hindu New Year to normal daily activities, Sri Lankan cuisine plays a vital role in the life of the islanders. They make milk rice and special sweets at cultural festivals with coconut milk, floor and honey

Sri Lankan's best thing is to make the same dish in different  respects, especially in various parts of the country, with people making  several variations on the ways in which they make a particular dish, but  it always turns into mouth-watering.

Main Meals


Milk Rice (Kiri Bath)   - Mostly for the Breakfast

Milk rice or Kiribath is a Sri Lankan traditional rice dish. The dish is made  from coconut milk to cook rice, so that is the name. It is a popular  holiday dish or any favorable time. It is eaten with a chilli paste and  sometimes withered fish curry. Usually it is used to be cooked with Red Raw Rice which is consider very nutritious for health. But Kiribath can be prepared using white raw rice also.

Rice and Curry

The cuisine is mainly made up of rice and curry (steamed).  Curries are made of meat, fish and vegetables. The addition of flavors is done with cut onions, green chilies, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, musk and saffron. Curry and basic rice require one curry of fish (or beef or chicken), two different vegetables, one portion crispy fry stuff such as' papadam,' a mall of chopped leaves and cocoa, and a' hoddah' of gravy spiced with cocoon milk. Not only meat or fish, but fruit and veggies can be used to produce curries that make the food fine. Tourist hotels however prepare most Sri Lankan food for the foreign gourmet because most people are not accustomed to very spicy food


















Mostly hoppers are served for the breakfast. These crispy and bowl shaped pancakes are best served hot from the pan with rice flour and coconut milk. An essential way to start the day, the backs are sold at the humble restaurants in the center of every village. The fried egg is served inside, then topped up with chutney or spicy Sambol. Hoppers are pots made of fermented rice flour and cocoa milk in the form of a bowl. It is cooked in a small, round pans. The edges are tender, and at the bottom it is thicker.

In general, plain hoppers are served with chili paste (lunumiris) and a spicy curry also it is served with jaggeries and bananas. In general, lunumiris and a spicy curry are served as Plain hopper and jaggerie and bananas are given with plain hoppers. Besides that, Hoppers like Egg hoppers and Honey hoppers are different. The main meal for breakfast and dinner is the Plain Hopper and the Egg Hopper. Breakfast is also served with Honey hoppers with a sweet taste. In addition to this, hoppers are known in Sri Lanka as a street meal because it can be eaten as a tea snack.


String Hoppers
















String Hoppers or Indiappas are usually served as a dinner and a breakfast meal. Hoppers strings look like spaghetti nests. This is prepared with water to make a dough made of white or red roasted flour, then squeeze it through a sieve to make the strands. Nests are then put into a boiler and removed from the matt nests and placed on a dish when cooked. Curry (Dhal, Potato, Fish and Meat) and pol sambola / coconut sambol (made of coconut, chili pieces and onion) are generally served to String Hoppers.



Pittu or channel cakes which are produced using flour (either rice of Kurakkan) and scraped coconut. Pittu are generally steamed in bamboo, and at present Pittu are steamed in round metal cylinders.

Subsequent to being cooked, the brittle finished Pittu are presented with new boiled coconut milk. Once in a while, Pittu are presented with lunumiris, jaggery and bananas.

By and large, Pittu is served for breakfast, and some of the time it is having for supper too.


Kottu Roti


Kottu Roti is a Sri Lankan dish produced using godamba rotti (Godamba roti is produced using flour) and vegetables, egg as well as meat, and flavors. There are a few varieties of Kottu Roti, for example, Vegetable, Chicken, Cheese, Beef, Fish, Seafood and Mutton. Further, Dolphin Kottu is another variation of Kottu Roti which is produced using Parata, rather than godamba roti. Aside from that, there is a Kottu Roti produced using String containers, and it is known as String container Kottu. For the most part, Kottu Roti is filled in as a supper dish, and it is mainstream as a road nourishment in Sri Lanka. While setting up a Kottu Roti a musical tune can be heard as the Kottu cook utilizes two metal Spatulas for blending every one of the fixings and cutting the stuff on the frying pan with a musicality.


Pol Roti (Coconut Rotti)


Pol Roti is a snappy supper and simple to get ready. Wheat, rice or Kurakkan (Eleusine coracana, an unequivocally enhanced dark colored millet)- feast is blended in with new ground coconut and a dash of oil and prepared on a hot iron in slight level cakes.Rotti is similarly great with chilli relish or with syrup. Shallots, green chillies, curry leaves and Maldive (restored) fish chips are akked to ring in the changes. In Sri Lanka likewise have kottu roti and godamba roti too.

The rotti can be eaten with hot spread or sweet spread, for example, curry, sambol, lunumiris, margarine and jam. Further, Coconut Rotti could be served with jaggery and bananas. For the most part, Coconut Rotti is filled in as a morning meal or supper dinner, and furthermore it could be required some investment nibble.

Moreover, Coconut Rotti is celebrated as a road nourishment in Sri Lanka.


Tempered Rice


Tempered rice is made by blending tempered onion, garlic, curry leaves, and cooked rice.

Right off the bat, mustard seeds are added to warm oil in a skillet, and after it splutters cumin seeds, splutter and peanuts are included. From that point it transforms into brilliant dark colored when dried red stew and curry leaves are included.

Next, slashed garlic, cleaved onion and turmeric powder are included. After that giving it a fast mix and cooked rice and salt are included.Some are including margarine as an option for oil. By and large, Tempered rice is served for lunch and supper.


Side Dishes


Malu Ambulthiyal

Malu Ambulthiyal an interesting fiery fish planning with thick gamboges 'Goraka' paste. This is an extremely well known dish of a fish steak (generally a sleek fish like king fish) in an acrid curry sauce. Sri Lanka has an incredible choice of delectable fish. Best backup on the off chance that you need to cut down a couple of squares of milk rice or a couple of containers and pittu too. This fish curry is a southern claim to fame, made with goraka, a natural product that gives it an acrid flavor.


Crab Curry

In the event that you are a fish darling and love eating fiery dishes, at that point you should attempt Sri Lankan Crab Curry. This Asian formula is readied utilizing crab meat, shallots and milk, and goes well with steamed rice/pulao generally. In any case, you can likewise appreciate this curry formula with chapati or paratas. It is a simple non-vegan formula that can be set up with accessible fixings in the market. This curry formula is an ideal melange of flavors and herbs cooked to flawlessness.


Coconut Sambal

Coconut Sambol or Pol Sambola is a conventional Sri Lankan dish produced using coconut, red onions, dried entire chilies or bean stew powder, lime juice, salt or potentially Maldive fish. For the most part, Coconut Sambol is utilized as a backup with rice, string containers and bread.


Dhal Curry















Dhal curry is an extremely mellow and nutritious curry made up principally of lentils, tomatoes, and chilies.

Now and then potatoes and gourds are included. Not many flavors are utilized and the warmth level can be balanced by utilizing pretty much dried chilies. This curry is very child agreeable as it very well may be made generally gentle


Jack-fruit curry

The world's greatest natural product consolidates delightfully with rich curry sauces, as its substance really has a serious substantial surface.


Potato Curry

Bubbled potatoes all around cooked on thick coconut milk is the essential formula of this specific nourishment thing. Chosen as one of the most loved curries among the nearby residents, Potato curry can be went with practically any principle course and nutritious astute the curry itself stands on a steady stage.


Sinhala Achcharu

Made with green stew, onions and gathered cream. Achcharu' is a Sinhala expression to portray a 'blend of fixings' and is utilized to add flavor to a fundamental feast, particularly lunch. Achcharu is made in different manners in various pieces of the island and shifts in taste from district to locale. Some most loved bases incorporate mango, lime, and onions with bean stew, olives and ambarella (Malay apple). Packaged variants of Achcharu are likewise accessible.