Galle Sri Lanka

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Galle is another one of the island's crucial sea ports and a city greatly influenced by its proximity to the ocean and the southern shipping lanes. The Galle Fort which was started by the Dutch in 1663 is probably the city's most enduring feature. The fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is located over 36 hectares and provides an ideal microcosm of island life, weather-beaten, spicy and full of character. The fort itself provides an ideal destination for revelry, whether shopping for curios,sampling exotic southern cuisine or loosing yourself among cobble stoned streets of the old Dutch fortification. Life outside the Galle Fort however moves at a much gentler pace, more in keeping with the laid back culture of the south.

The city is also home to an abundance of organic beauty from its natural harbor, to attractions like Rumassala large a rugged hill that offers a protective barrier east of the Harbour. As an old Tarnished port, Galle references historical touchstones like King Solomon and Ramayana, offering visitors an eclectic mix of magic and wonder, by the sea.

Things to do

  • Cycling
  • Photography and Filming
  • Shopping
  • City Tour

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