Hikkaduwa Sri Lanka

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Hikkaduwa is the island’squintessential beach getaway and is immenselypopular with backpackers and youngerrevelers. This bohemian enclave sports an extravagant selection of beach side cafes, bars, resorts and hotels, catering to all types of visitors. The season in Hikkaduwa also brings with it a vibrant nightlife, especially on weekends wherevenues stay open considerably longer and the atmosphere is altogether more hedonistic than the other southern towns. Though visibly busier, Hikkaduwa also offers some excellent spots for kicking back and relaxing, with plenty of amenities available forsurfing, snorkeling, diving and other water sports.

Things to do

  • Visit Hikkaduwa Beach
  • Visit Turtle Hatchery
  • Hikkaduwa
  • Visit Tsunami Honganji Vihara
  • Visit Seenigama Muhudu Viharaya
  • Explore Coral Sanctuary
  • See Hikkaduwa Harbour
  • Visit Naga Viharaya

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