Balapitiya Sri Lanka

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Balapitiya is in many ways the typical southern fishing village, where life ambles by at its own casual pace.With fantastic weather through most of the year and plenty to see and do both by the sea and inland, the quiet littlevillage in recent times has become somewhat of a favourite for those looking to avoid the islands busier venues, while stillenjoying a locale that easily accessible and provides a choice of amenities.

Away from the excellent stretches of beach and clean, azure waters,Balapitiya reveals an even more alluring side.The Madu River, Sri Lanka's second largest wetland offers a landscape brimming with biodiversity. Visitors are encouragedto explore this rich and varied landscape, ideally via a boat tour, which is readily available, though negotiating a suitable price is advised.The river is home to over 32 islands and the area conceals over 300 species of plant life and over 250 species of animals. A sojourn through the meandering waterways and mangroves would not be complete without a visit to Cinnamon Island and the KothDuwa Raja MahaViharaya, an ancient Buddhist temple located on Kothduwa Island, within the Maduganga Estuary.

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