Ambalangoda Sri Lanka

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Ambalangoda is one of the busier more populated towns on the southern coast and though usually passed up in favourof its more popularneighbors, this rugged coastal hamlet offers an eclectic cultural stew, which makesfor an interestingdeparture from the usually beach side jaunt. For a start the town has a long standing tradition of mask makers, performance artist and a variety of traditional artisans.

The Ambalangoda Mask Museum is an excellent starting point for the uninitiated and gives visitors an insight intothe handicraft workers and their art.Wares can be purchased here, but keep an eye open and you might find a better deal elsewhere. Other places of interest like the GalgodaSailatalaramayaMahaVihara Temple - South Asia’s longest sleeping Buddha (35 meters (115 ft.) and SunandaramayaMahavihara - an ancient Buddhist temple, with the largest thorana (gateway) are both well worth a visit. The townalso has an interesting marketplace, with fresh local produce and all sorts of interesting odds and ends, if you don’t mind navigating a crowd.

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