Jaffna Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka’s great northern city reveals it inimitable character through a landscape and people that are a vital facet of life on the island. The first thing you’d notice is the dry, arid climate, with flat planes as far as the eye can see and even the vegetation is mostly Palmyra and coconut palms. The atmosphere is laid back and everything from the language, cuisine and customs of the region make for an interesting departure from the usual fare. The architecture is an interesting pastiche of colonial fragments and south Indian aesthetics, with ample use of bright colours and ageneral affinity for more vibrant hues. Jafnna also has its fair share of excellent, isolated beaches, which have been immaculately preserved. With national treasures like theDutch fort and important community centers such as the NallurKandaswamy temple, Jaffna offersa fascinating landscape for exploration.

Things to do

  • Cycling
  • Photography and Filming
  • Walking

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