Yala Sri Lanka

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The Yala National Park covers 979 square kilometers (378 sq. mi) and is located about 300 kilometers (190 mi) south ofColombo. It is the second largest and most visited national park in the island, offering visitors an impressive landscape, overflowing with life and gravid with possibility. The park is comprised of five designated blocks, two of which are now open to the public. Most locals and foreign visitors to the park come intent on seeing the leopards, found in Yala at a higher density than anywhere else in the world. But aside from its main attraction the area also showcases a diverse array of fauna and flora, with over 215 species of bird, 44 species of mammal, 47 species of reptile, 18 amphibian species and numerous types of invertebrate and fish. The varying landscape reveals sprawling stretches of open grassland, interrupted by shrubbery, monsoon forest and marine wetlands.

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