Sinharaja Sri Lanka

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The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is last remaining swath of virgin rainforest in the island, the area is also a national park and designated biodiversity hotspot. Due to its significance as an ecosystem the reserve has been designated a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The forest covers an area of 8,864 ha, ranging from an altitude of 300 – 1,170 meters. Within the parks boundaries the surging terrain comprises a series of ridges and valleys, which are traversed by an elaborate network of waterways, nourishing the prolific landscape. Much of Sinharaja's biodiversity remain undiscovered, given the enormous amount of flora to be found, in fact of the 211 woody trees and lianas so far identified within the reserve, 139 (66%) are endemic, as is 50% of the regions fauna.

The forest is easily accessible through most of the year, from several access points than can only be navigated by foot. Acquiring a competent guide will go a long way towards ensuring your adventure is safe, gratifying and informative.

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