Haputale Sri Lanka

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Haputale’s exquisite location makes the town an excellent setting for some laid back relaxation or even exploring the surrounding countryside, which hold quite a few interesting cultural and historic knick-knacks. The town itself is located on a long narrow mountain ridge, at an elevation of 1431 m (4695 ft.) above the sea level, with the land tapering off steeply to both sides. This geological juxtaposition enables interesting microclimates and imbues the area with excellent biodiversity. The Haputale countryside shows ample evidence of its colonial past, from the rail lines that take a breathtakingly scenic view, to the numerous tea estates and planters bungalows dotting the lush landscape.

In 2010 CNN referred to Haputale as one of Asia's most overlooked destination, which means you’ll have the perfect vacation destination minus the crowds, a land where even time stands still, offering treasures yet undiscovered and undiminished.

Things to do

  • Photography and Filming
  • Walking

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