Kataragama Sri Lanka

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Kataragama is asignificant historic center, which today is a meeting place for pilgrims and is considered hallowed ground by Buddhist, Hindu and the indigenous Vedda people of the island. The RuhunuMahaKataragamaDevalaya located in the town is a wonderful labyrinth of outlandish architecture, colorful objet d'art, bustling pilgrims, vendors hawking their wares and exotic bric-a-bracs of all manner.

Thusthe regions importance from a historic stand point cannot be overstated, especially since Kataragama has been the seat of government for many Sinhalese kings, during the dominance of the Rohana kingdom. Even today physical evidence of the region’s vivacious history can be observed and coupled with art, music, and literature from the area, makes for anintriguing and intoxicating experience.