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Colombo is a city of many parts, combining the various colonial forays into construction and planning which informs much of the city's alluring architecture, with more modern expressions, that encompasses the city’s cosmopolitan districts.

The name kolamba being an old Sinhalese word for harbour was adapted by the first Portuguese settlers.Even today the city’sidentity draws heavily from its natural harbour, a point of interest for over 2000 years, which ensuresColombo is a melting pot of culture and a gateway between the old world and the new.

In fact most of Colombo along the coastline tends towards the cosmopolitan, but venture inwards and the city reveals a quieter side, that’s altogether more pastoral.Colombo caters to all taste and provides travelers with a wide choice of amnesties, transport options, year round events, festivals, art, history and fashion. Nowhere is Colombo’s multi ethnic composition more evident than in its culinary traditions, with an offering as diverse as the city and itspeople. The city also has an extensive network of canals, plenty of historic artifacts and anassortment of unique attractions, which makes for memorable discovery.

As a city of so many parts Colombo can be quite eccentric, even overwhelming at times,but combine thiswith safe streets providing easy access, cheap transportation and friendly denizens, for a metropolisfull of possibility and ripe for exploration.

Things to do

  • Shopping
  • Museums
  • Religious Places
  • Colonial Buildings
  • Parks
  • Wet Lands & Lakes
  • Zoo
  • Night-life
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