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Perhaps it’s the islands orientation in place and time that makes Sri Lanka such an idiosyncrasy. Somewhat isolated geographically, yet juxtaposed serendipitously between the old world and the new, the isle has been home to a civilization that is over 5000 years old. Sri Lanka was subsequently colonized by three different world powers, the Portuguese, Dutch and then the British, consequently emerging as a land of great ethnic and cultural diversity, where centuries of assimilation have shaped the countries unique identity and continues to do so, to this very day.

The islands’ storied past informs it vibrant character, with the landscape playing no small part in shaping contemporary Sri Lanka. A widely fluctuating topography, two mutually exclusive monsoon seasons on the east and west coast and numerous other geographic features can induce a sense of Jamais vu.In fact it is generally uncharacteristic to find such remarkable contrast, within a limited landmass.

Most of the island enjoys topical weather, punctuated by a few elevated temperate regions. But no matter where you find yourself, venture outside the major cities and you’re guaranteed a lush landscape with an abundance of natural beauty. Great emphasis is placed on the island’s numerous beaches and some of them can certainly be counted among the best in the world. Yet there is also a realmwaiting to be explored beyond Sri Lanka’s shores, promising adventure, discovery and affirmation for the simple joys of travel.

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